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So, what does this term muskiepalooza mean, a term us Muskies have coined? Hah, well wouldn’t you like to know. Wouldn’t you? Yes, well then, it is an end-of-the-semester weekend celebration jam-packed with so much to do on a small, tiny campus, that you are struck silly with fun. Saturday is when the magic usually begins, and by magic, I mean a meaningful community Litter Pick-Up (with Muskingum students and New Concord residents combined) that lasts from 9 to 11 a.m. with a free lunch provided at the end. I mean a Quad filled with inflatable obtacle courses and candy stations filled with colored sugar by early afternoon. I mean tables positioned infront of the Rec Center with tons of free popcorn, cotton candy, lemonade, and hot dogs. I mean free t-shirts, free trinkets, free signs, free electronic bull rides, free admission to all inflatable rides…I mean this is the place to be! And, while the Quad is being cleaned up by late afternoon, the Rec center is being transformed into a concert hall, where a real concert will be held. This year: Flogging Molly is comin’ down to ‘skangum to rock our socks off with their Irish rock. And guess what, my fellow readers – the concert tickets are free, too!! Well, as long as you’re a student here…otherwise they are $10 if you can get a student to buy them for you, or $20 general admission. Still, not too shabby!! So, if you make the choice to go Magenta and come on down to ‘skangum for that treasured degree, then be sure to remember the term Muskiepalooza, because it will give you long lasting memories and fun that you’ll never forget!


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